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What is Ukuthwala

What is Ukuthwala
Ukuthwala is a ritual performed to get money, power, respect or wealth in a very short time.
The obtaining of riches / Wealth through dark spirits or animals has been around for a very long time and exists in different forms.

What is Ukuthwala
Ukuthwala is a ritual performed to get money, power, respect or wealth in a very short time.
The obtaining of riches / Wealth through dark spirits or animals has been around for a very long time and exists in different forms.
Why people do it?
People decide to do it simply to get rich but also people like Inyangas, business people, Pastors, prophets, celebrities, leaders and politicians have done it to pull crowds, funs, customers and win tenders.
Ways of Ukuthwala

these are spiritual made and customized specifically for you to collect or duplicate money for you and bringing it into a special place in your house.

Short boys
this is a spiritual way of using the short boys to get / duplicate money from anywhere in addition without anyone noticing and bringing it into your house

Sandawana oil & Skin
the sandawana oil and skin have the power to change and influence the actions, thinking and belief of any one without resistance.

this is the act of doing a cleansing of all the bad luck surround you in other words the use of a female spiritual snake that spits money in your house.

Blood sacrifice
this is where you use the blood of an animal or animals to achieve the results of Ukuthwala

Advantages of Ukuthwala.
It helps to generate money in your life.
you will be able to get instant money so that you can fix you problems quick.
It takes less trouble to get rich you don’t have to do manual labor.

Disadvantages of Ukuthwala
Is the association of Ukuthwala with blood sacrifice and regrettable contractual agreements with the dark spirits of the dark world true?.

The answer is YES! And not following the Ritual instructions will make bad things happen to you.

But have no fear when you chose the right method and follow the simple instructions given to you all will run smoothly.

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